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CBC’s The National on Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, July 20, 2010.

Video resources on the IPP conflict in BC:

PowerPlay – video from Save our Rivers and friends
Rivers at Risk – Save our Rivers
Rivers at Risk – Bute Inlet – Save our Rivers – extensive video resources

IPPBC homepage as promotional video
Pro-IPP group slams IPP critics in video

49 Megawatts – anti-IPP movie focusing on Ashlu Creek near Squamish

Video on other issues

Video debate between CAPP and Pembina multimedia resources

CBC documentary on oil sands from 2007, Alberta’s Oil Sands

CBC Archives on history of oil in Alberta and National Energy Program

Al Gore’s Challenge for 100% Clean Electricity within 10 Years,
Thomas Friedman on the First Law of Petropolitics Friedman on

Andrew Nikoforek on the First Law of Petropolitics

Amory Lovins, We Must Win the Oil Endgame, TED Talk

Steven Chu, US Energy Secretary Designate, The Energy Problem and What we Can Do About it, at ITunesU (energy stuff doesn’t start til 24:00, and disappointingly, the graphics are not available on the video)
Thomas Friedman, Hot, Flat and Crowded, ITunesU
Stanford University Woods Energy Seminar, ITunesU
University of Arizona, Energy, Sustainability, and the Environment Lecture Series, ITunesU
Cambridge University, A Future Beyond Oil, ITunesU