Framing Room

Some examples of how energy policy actors attempt to “frame” issue to advance their interests
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Video of debate “Is the development of the oil sands ethical” between Ezra Lavant (yes) and Andrew Nikoforek (no).

Compare the framing strategies of private power opponents and supporters:
49 Megawatts – anti-IPP movie focusing on Ashlu Creek near Squamish
Pro-IPP group slams IPP critics in video

The Hour has 22 Minutes on oil industry trying to reframe ducks killed in tailings ponds

Edmonton Journal article on Alberta’s new framing strategy for oil sands

Greenpeace at work in Ottawa for Obama visit

SAGD oil sands companies work to distance themselves from “dirty oil” image Tarred by ‘dirty oil,’ some producers fight back

Amusing Personals Ad from environmentalists to The One

Tar Sands Don’t Fit in the New Energy Economy – Environmental coalition website targeting Obama’s visit to Canada to promote action on “dirty oil”


Chevron – The Power of Human Energy Campaign

National Public Radio podcast on the contested concept of “clean coal

Frosty the Coalman – actual effort by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity

The Tyee on “Who’s Behind BC Citizen for Green Energy”